DLR Trailers


  • Do you service and repair trailers as well?

    Yes, we service and repair trailers, and can supply parts for trailers as well.

  • Is a roadworthy test required prior to buying a trailer?

    All DLR trailers come with a roadworthy certificate.

  • Can you custom build a trailer?

    Yes, we can custom build a trailer for you. De la Rosa Trailers have built over 2300 custom built trailers for clients throughout South Africa.

  • Can I rent trailers at DLR Trailers?

    Yes, you can rent trailers at De la Rosa Trailers.

  • How do I know I'm buying a high quality trailer?

    We have been in business since 1998, and have more than 35 years experience in the manufacturing of trailers.

  • Can I buy a trailer at De la Rosa Trailers?

    Yes, we sell a wide variety trailers:
    single axle, double axle, luggage trailers, and more.

  • Do you accept card payments, or cash only?

    Unfortunately we don't accept card payments, cash payments only.

  • Where can I buy a Skip Bin?

    Buy high quality Skip Bins from Skip Mega World.

  • Can you name a few of your clients?

    Some of De la Rosa Trailers clients include NamPak, Willards Foods, and Coca-Cola Worcester.

  • Do you deliver in Worcester area only?

    De la Rosa Trailers deliver in South Africa, and also export to Namibia, Angola, Botswana and Mozambique.